The world of the ICA group is continuously upgrading and evolving with an undying focus to serve innovative finishes and requirements of interior designers. Our range of innovative finishes is designed to give wings to the creative imagination of designers. Clients can achieve any aesthetic for their project with our range of quick drying and perfect finish innovative line of coatings for various surfaces including wood, metal, glass, and others. These innovative colour polishes are excellent for use on complex surfaces and mouldings. So, complex structures and modern furnishing in interior design are easy to coat with ICA’s innovative range of finishes.

Quick Drying Quick Drying
Perfect Finish Perfect Finish
Can be done on Mouldings Can be done on Mouldings
High Wear and Tear Resistance High Wear and Tear Resistance

Antibacterial Finishes

Our specially curated line of antibacterial finishes is suitable for coating different kinds of surfaces such as wooden flooring, interior furnishing, and other surfaces that necessitate superior cleanliness and hygiene. Antibacterial finish range halt and kill bacterial growth on any surface Upto 99.9% even years after coating. Antibacterial certified as per the Japanese Industrial Standards for measuring Antibacterial activity.

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Self-Healing Finishes

Anti-fingerprint, Soft to touch, ultra matt coatings are an innovative line of coating with self-healing properties. This finish allows your interior furnishing to sing on its own with an ultra-matte look. The chemical-physical structure of this finish imparts a classic-sophisticated look to the interior furnishing, wooden floor, or any other surface. Designers and architects can achieve a soft touch and anti-fingerprint on the surface using this innovative self-healing finish.

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Coatings for Glass

ICA’s pigmented glass coating range is a transparent, coloured, lacquered, and metallic mono-component and bi-component water-based and bi-component solvent-based paints. Our wide shade range allows the client to get an array of effects colours and tints in their project interior including the pearl effect, liquid drop effect, and liquid metal effect to name a few. This coating has high impact and chemical resistance as well as excellent adhesion.

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How important is wood finish?

Wood finish is extremely important to protect the wooden surface. It prevents wood degradation due to climate and external factors such as stains, cracks, and swelling. Besides this, wood finishes also add an aesthetic quotient to the surface.

What factors should you consider when choosing a wood finish?

Some important factors to consider when choosing wood finishes are its durability, finish (matte or glossy), scratch resistance, and chemical and physical properties. ICA’s range of wood finishes has a wide shade range and products with excellent properties that suit different wooden surfaces.

How do you finish wood naturally?

ICA offers a range of natural wood finishes and polishes to retain natural wood colour. Our natural wood stains impart natural touch to interior furnishing.

What does natural finish on wood mean?

A natural finish on wood means not altering the original grain of the wood. Its warm and natural appearance is accentuated using the right polish. ICA’s natural wood stain gives a natural finish to the surface without taking away its originality.

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