5 Reasons to Use PU Finish for Your Project

Your home project is a great deal of investment that requires your undivided attention to make it look luxurious and attractive. A high-quality interior finish is a great way to achieve this goal. It not only adds a protective layer to the surfaces but also elevates the entire look. And, if your house project has integrated wooden work in the interior and exterior then PU finish is one of the best choices for you. PU finish is a polyurethane protective layer that is added on wooden surfaces that are subject to high wear and tear and which require phenomenal physical and chemical properties. Not convinced yet? Here are the most compelling reasons to use PU wood finish in your home project:

Protect Against Any Abrasive Scratches

People living in the house make it a home. It’s very easy to get scratches on the wooden furnishing and interiors if they do not have a proper wood treatment. PU wood polish has scratch-resistance properties that ensure that your luxury and ornamental wood furniture are not damaged even after constant use.

High Level of Lucidity

PU wood finishes are known for their transparency and elasticity. They come in varying levels of glossiness ranging from very glossy to a completely matte finish. It’s an extremely luxurious PU wood finish that adds high definition and clarity to the wooden surfaces.

A Wide Shade Range

CA’s PU wood polishes come in more than 2500 color options. You can choose any color of your choice for your home project and be sure it will turn out well. Besides this, you can achieve open and close pore effects with transparent and pigmented color selections. The color choices are as limitless as your imagination.

Easy Application for the Win

Coming from the family of Italian wood treatments, PU wood finishes have a quick-drying formula that is very easy to apply. The reduced time of application and low VOC are some of the common reasons why these products have gained popularity in the market. They are a versatile coating that works well on all surfaces.

Protects Against Harmful Chemicals

PU wood polishes have excellent chemical-resistant properties that protect the wooden surface from corrosion and stains for a longer period of time. ICA offers PU wood polishes that give high performance and protection against abrasive chemicals.

ICA group also offers water-based PU wood polishes to its clients who want to switch from solvent-based coatings. For more information on our range of PU wood finishes, get in touch with us.

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