Special Effects

Reflect your personal style with limitless possibilities Creativa Special Effects are known for having urban soul, contemporary style, with material-like effects that leave a strong visual impact. It is composed of material-like effects which embodies a style that is at once contemporary, refined, realistic and “imperfect” .It retains the rough appearance of the desired material whilst offering the warm texture of wood. With finishes that offer limitless possibilities, this range of special effects reflects your personal style and taste.

Spray Application Spray Application
Special Effects Special Effects
Can be done on Mouldings Can be done on Mouldings
High Chemical Resistance High Chemical Resistance
Italian Technology Italian Technology

Metal Effects

Metal Effects is an urban soul, contemporary style and material-like effects with strong visual impact.

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Pearl Series

Specially designed pearl finishes available in three different patterns - Large pearl ,Hammered pearl and Mother of pearl

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Rock Series

Specially designed Moon effects to bring the cosmic touch to your designs.

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Marble Effects

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Textured Effects

Effects reflecting the prismatic characters of unique occurring patterns like Cement effect, Mortar Effect, Patina effect, TSBR.

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  • Clear Finishes
  • Coloured Finishes
  • Wood Stains
  • Special Effects
  • Innovations
  • Exterior Finishes
  • Floorings
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