Coloured Finishes

The versatility of wood is unparalleled. You can achieve any look in your project interior with colour-coated wooden surfaces. These wood-colour polish add individual character to wooden surfaces and beautify the space. Our range of wood colour polish comes in more than 2300 shades with diverse high gloss and matt finishes. So, whether you visualize a solid-coloured palette or metallic accents as a core part of your design, ICA’s natural wood polish will help you to make it come to life. Our coloured wood coatings and finishes have excellent scratch resistance and are formaldehyde-free so the wood surface is protected against weathering degradation and other factors.

Formaldehyde Free Formaldehyde Free
Excellent Scratch Resistance Excellent Scratch Resistance
Wide Range of Shades Wide Range of Shades
High solids High solids

Solid Color

If you truly believe “solid colour adds beauty that never loses its charm” then ICA’s coloured finishes are the perfect companion for wooden surface projects. Choose from our 2300+ shade range covering gorgeous pastels to earthy tones that match your vision.

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Metallic finishes are the latest trendsetters. If your design aesthetics require metallic accents then ICA’s shade range will surely interest you. Choose your favourite metallic shade from the 200+ colour range to give a twist to wooden surfaces in your project.

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What do coloured finishes mean?

Coloured finishes mean coloured pigments added to any surface for aesthetic appeal and protection from surface degradation. ICA’s formaldehyde-free coloured finishes are designed for wooden surfaces and come in a 2300+ shade range. Project Designers can choose as per the usage and brands to complete the design interior.

What are the types of coloured finishes?

ICA offers two types of coloured finishes for wooden surface coating: Solid colour and metallic in high gloss and matte finishes. Clients can achieve a shiny look or a completely matte look in a variety of shade ranges. As every project has individual characteristics, these shade ranges allow you to choose the best colour that stands out in your project.

How do you apply a coating to wood?

ICA offers a premium wood coating system to its client. The coating on wood can be applied using a spray gun or using a roller and brush. You need a professional person to apply the wood coating to achieve the desired results.

Which wood polish Colour is best?

ICA offers a wide range of wood polish colours that are specifically developed to fit the design needs of the clients. You can check out our wood polish colour range on our website for more details.

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