Clear Finishes

Wooden furniture pieces are an integral part of almost every home décor. As wooden furniture pieces are expensive, they require proper care and upkeep to remain in good shape for years. Clear finishes not only enhance the aesthetic quotient of the wood but also its functional properties. The basic purpose of a clear finish is to protect your wood by providing a protective coat so that they remain protected from stains, water damage, and regular wear and tear. When it comes to wood finishing products, ICA finishes are known for their premium quality and performance. Every home décor is different in terms of vibes and color combination and thus their finishing requirements would be unique. The ICA wood finish range comprises Acquabella, Finezza Acrylic, and Finezza Polyurethane (PU) finishes for wood.

High Clarity High Clarity
Formaldehyde Free Formaldehyde Free
Highly Durable Highly Durable
Excellent Scratch Resistance Stain Resistance Excellent Scratch Resistance Stain Resistance
Excellent Sheen Retention Excellent Sheen Retention

Light Color Wood

Light color wooden pieces add a smooth continuity to your space, making the place bright, spacious, and airy. Finezza Acrylic and Acquabella are two wood finish products by ICA that enhance the aesthetics of your light color wood and also increase its durability.

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Dark Color Wood

Dark color wooden pieces add sophistication, coziness, and warmth to your space. Choose from Fineezza PU, Finezza Acrylic or, Acquabella range by ICA that can provide your wooden surfaces with varying levels of sheen and impart excellent durability, including chemical and physical resistance.

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Open Pore Effect

Rustic is classic and never goes out of trend. Individuals who want to keep their wooden pieces in the most true-to-life manner while ensuring they remain in good shape for years can go for Acquabella wood finish by ICA. The coating of this product will help you keep the wood pores of your wooden surfaces open and let your wood breathe.

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Hi-Gloss Mirror Finish

High-gloss mirror finish adds a glossy finish of wood surfaces. It makes the wooden pieces to appear fresh and elegant all the time. Lucido by ICA can help you obtain that super smooth, high-gloss finish with great depth and reflectivity.

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What are the 3 types of finishes?

The 3 types of finishes offered by ICA are Clear Finishes, Coloured Finishes, and Special Effects which include Metal Effects, Pearl Series, Rock Series, Marble Effects, and Textured Effects.

What is the best clear finish for exterior wood?

For exterior wood, ICA offers water-based and solvent-based products that offer long-lasting beauty, durability, UV protection, anti-yellowing protection, and water resistance.

What is the hardest clear finish for wood?

Lucido is the hardest clear wood finish in gloss and Finezza PU is the hardest in matt range.

Why is it important to apply a finish to a wooden product?

Protection and aesthetics are two important reasons to apply a finish to a wooden product. Wood is a porous substance that may absorb anything that comes into contact with it, including oils, grime, and chemicals. A finish can protect the wood by sealing it and keeping dirt and grime out of the grain.

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