Clear Finishes

Transparent layer of thermosetting polymer for application to surfaces subject to high levels of wear-and -tear and when excellent chemical and physical resistance required.

High Clarity High Clarity
Formaldehyde Free Formaldehyde Free
Highly Durable Highly Durable
Excellent Scratch Resistance Stain Resistance Excellent Scratch Resistance Stain Resistance
Excellent Sheen Retention Excellent Sheen Retention

Light Color Wood

Enhance the natural aesthetic of light color wood & veneer while providing durable and resistant finishing.

Recommended brands

Dark Color Wood

Amplify the tone of dark wood or veneer with varying levels of sheen to blend perfectly to your surroundings.

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Open Pore Effect

The open pore effect is preferred on wood and veneer where the natural grain of wood is to be appreciated and highlighted.

Recommended brands

Hi-Gloss Mirror Finish

For high-gloss reflective surfaces that have a long-lasting sheen. Get a lustrous mirror-like finish with great depth and high reflectivity.

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