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Low environmental impact, aesthetic qualities, and high-performance Italian wood finishes have always been a cornerstone of our offerings.

Italian wood finishes are renowned for their eco-friendliness, aesthetic appeal, and exceptional durability. Created using sustainable formulas, these finishes combine traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design trends to enhance the natural beauty of wood.

At ICA, our commitment to aesthetics is evident in the diverse palette, allowing for customisation and adaptation to various design preferences.

Elevate the aesthetic appeal of your setup by adding the exquisite high gloss finishes of LUCIDO.

FINEZZA offers a variety of colour options to match your style, adding glamour and sophistication to your setup.

Unlock your creativity and play with your imagination with our CREATIVA and TINTE range, offering captivating colours and exquisite wood finishes to bring your visions to life.

Our range of eco-friendly wood finishes ACQUABELLA provides a luxurious, durable, and smooth finish that reflects your values of environmental sustainability. A perfect choice for those who desire a stylish and environmentally conscious solution for their wood finishing needs.

Explore the world of ICA Italian wood finishes designed to reflect your discernment.

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Good Taste Shows
Indulge in the ultimate epitome of opulence with ICA wood finishes that visionary architects and interior designers masterfully craft to create awe-inspiring works of elevated luxury. The exquisite allure of these wood finishes transcends the ordinary, elevating any project to a whole new level of sophistication and grandeur. Experience the luxury of Italian finishes with ICA.

ICA FInishes for Living room
Luxury gloss finish by ICA
Interior bedroom wood finishes
Best bedroom finishes by ICA Pidilite
Kitchen glossy finish by ICA Pidilite
Luxury finishes by ICA Pidilite
Best interior finish design by ICA
Best interior design finishes by ICA

Crafting natural materials into creative aesthetics for a home


Principal architect Manish Choksi of Design Core proudly displays his latest project, Happy Excellencia, at Vesu, Surat, as a true spectacle of interiors. With his team, Choksi uses various materials and textures enhanced with pigmented ICA Italian wood finishes to breathe fresh life into the space.

Manish Choksi

Manish Choksi

Design Core

ICA glossy wooden finish for home
Best finishes by ICA Pidilite
Shiny wood texture finish by ICA
Wood finish for bedroom by ICA
Living room finishes
ICA wood finishes for living room
ICA matt finishes
ICA home interior finishes
Wooden finish for wooden door

Elegant aesthetics that creates the epitome of luxurious living


In a curation of visually stunning designs and carefully selected ICA Italian wood finishes, renowned interior designer, Suren D’Souza, brought this passion project to life. The Serene Bandra Residence at Almeida Park, saw D’Souza and his team weave a mix of glamour and distinct styles using ICA finishes for this 3 BHK home in Mumbai’s famous suburb.

Suren D’Souza

Suren D’Souza

Deksha Design

ICA Wood finish for wooden panel
ICA Acylic PU finish
ICA glossy finishes for home
Home interior finishes by ICA tinte
Living room wood finish
Wood finishes for home interior
Shiny interior finish by ICA Pidilite

3 Floors of lavish decor and exquisite comforts


Amit Dodhiawala and his team at Reflect Design Studio bring to life Bella De Mora, a project steeped in grandeur. With a vision to incorporate the owner’s persona, the team designed the three-floored apartment using lavish, glamorous, and thoughtfully functional materials like the ICA Italian wood finishes. With premium craftsmanship, the result was a home embodying the highest standards of interior design.

Amit Dodhiawala

Amit Dodhiawala

Reflecct Design Studio

Case Studies

Excelling new frontiers
Crafting Luxury with ICA Wood Finishes


Inspiring Innovative Design with Italian wood

ICA Pidilite Lab
ICA Pidilite academy
ICA wooden flooring

World leaders for innovation
in wood finishes and
glass coatings

ICA Group was launched as a private, family-owned company. The members of the Paniccia family remain a very active part of the business to this day, thereby ensuring continuing the management, maintenance, and pursuit of the corporate mission, with a specific, constant focus on quality and innovation.
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