Different Types of Wood Finishes by ICA Pidilite for Your Home

Key Takeaways:

  • ICA Pidilite offers a range of wood finishes that provide durability and enhance aesthetics 
  • It provides a range of wood finishes for furniture, interiors, and exteriors to suit diverse preferences 
  • These eco-friendly wood finishes protect surfaces from stains and scratches while adding style 

 Choosing the right wood finish is crucial to enhance the beauty and durability of wooden surfaces in your home. ICA Pidilite is known for manufacturing exquisite Italian wood polishes that are highly regarded as some of the finest in India. These different wood finishes are available in a range of colours, also offering various glossy and matt options.  

In this article, we will discuss the different types of wood finishes by ICA Pidilite that can transform the surfaces of your home into stunning focal points.

Different Types of Wood Finishes Offered by ICA Pidilite 

ICA offers various types of wood finishes, each catering to different wood surfaces and the preferential needs of an individual:

  • PU Finish – Finezza 

Finezza by ICA Pidilite is a remarkable PU wood polish that can elevate the appearance of your furniture to a refined and polished level. This product is formulated with colourless resins that elevate the aesthetic appeal of your home or workspace. The Finezza coating is renowned for its speedy drying time, user-friendly application process, impressive adaptability, and unparalleled durability. By using Finezza, you can completely transform the look of your living or working space and experience the beauty it brings to every corner.

Finezza PU Finish


  • Acrylic Finish – Finezza 

ICA’s Finezza Acrylic finishes serve as a versatile solution for furniture, providing exceptional transparency and resistance against physical and chemical elements. These finishes prove to be an excellent choice for high-wear areas, such as offices and kitchens, offering superior protection. The anti-yellowing property of Finezza Acrylic finishes further prevents wood discolouration, making it an ideal choice for light-coloured wooden surfaces or dyed wood. 

 These acrylic finishes can be used seamlessly across different shapes and surfaces of furniture, making them an ideal choice for project interiors. Their enhanced chemical and physical resistance to sunlight exposure makes them suitable for exteriors as well. Polyester Finish - Lucido

  • Polyester Finish – Lucido 

 Lucido by ICA Pidilite is a superior polyester coating that provides exceptional coverage, flexibility, and effortless sanding capabilities. The finish, created through cutting-edge Italian technology, has unique features, including quick drying, anti-shrinkage properties, impressive hardness, and remarkable stain resistance. 

 Lucido is an excellent choice for achieving almost-perfect results, providing a user-friendly application and exceptional longevity. ICA’s range of polyester finishes offers a wide variety of colour shades to choose from, making them an ideal option to enhance contemporary furniture with a stunning mirror-like shine and a lustrous high-gloss effect. The wood finish’s outstanding durability ensures your furniture or decor leaves a lasting impression.

Special Effects wood polish - Creativa

  • Special Effects – Creativa 

 If you are searching for wood polish designs that make a bold and impressive statement, then ICA Pidilite’s Creativa range is an excellent option to consider. It offers various wood polishing methods and an array of special effects finishes that imitate the appearance of other materials such as metal, rock, pearl, and marble.  

 Whether you desire a weathered look, a crackled effect, or a metallic shimmer, the Creativa finishes can transform ordinary wooden surfaces into extraordinary art pieces. Additionally, these finishes protect the wood from external elements and can be applied to mouldings. The spray application method further provides a finished and professional appearance. 

 The Creativa range is undoubtedly worth considering if you want to add a touch of creativity and uniqueness to your wooden surfaces. 

  • Wood Stains – Tinte

Wood stains are an excellent choice to enhance the natural beauty of wood. This range offers the ability to add depth and colour to any surface with a highly versatile application method that can be achieved through a spray, roller, or brush. ICA Pidilite offers different types of wood stains that are available in various shades, ranging from natural and light tones to rich and dark colours. The stains penetrate deep into the wood, creating unique grain patterns and imparting a rich, even colour. With excellent indoor light resistance, these wooden polishes are ideal for enhancing the character and charm of wooden surfaces in any home.  

Tinte wood stain for home
  • Water Based – Acquabella 

 ICA Pidilite offers a range of water-based wood polishes as part of Acquabella. These wood polishes contain low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making them safe for use in homes. They provide excellent protection against scratches, stains, and fading. 

 Acquabella finishes are easy to apply, quick-drying, and are certified as environmentally friendly. The range of water based wood polishes for exteriors provides the perfect combination of long-lasting beauty and robust protection for frames and shutters. Additionally, these finishes are available in various sheen levels to meet specific design requirements.

Water based wood polish for home

Choose Perfect Wood Finishes with ICA 

ICA finishes are known for their versatility and durability when it comes to enhancing and preserving the beauty of wooden surfaces. These finishes bring new life to your furniture and provide long-lasting protection. With ICA Pidilite’s wood polishes, you can transform your wooden surfaces into stunning features that will uplift your space for years to come. Choose the perfect wood finish that suits your style and let your creativity flow. Reach out to us to learn more about wood polishes.

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