Different Ways to Use Wood in Your Interior Design

Wood has always been a regal and premium material that glorifies any space. Modern interior designs incorporate wood in one or the other way to bring warmth and dynamic to any space. These days you can find a variety of wood, wooden finishes, and paints that adds color and beauty to a home’s interior and exterior. If you are wondering how to include this evergreen material in your house. Here are some of the ways to include wood in any home interior:

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Nothing can beat the charm of wooden flooring. It adds a hint of luxury and sheen to the floor that binds different elements in the room to give a cohesive look. Wooden floorings have been used in interior design for a very long time and have never gone out of style. Whether the home interior is a cool-toned or warm tone, wooden flooring brings balance to the space and makes it look radiating. So, you can use wooden flooring in the living room, bedroom, or guest room in the interior design to make it look extravagant.


Wooden furniture are a part of Indian homes for generations. Wood is one of the most durable materials and people love to invest in wooden furniture that suits the aesthetics of their homes. There are several wooden furnishing options available on the market. The best part is you can paint or add wooden finishes to the furniture to match it with your interior design.

ICA Pidilite offers a wide range of Italian wood finishes for application on wooden surfaces. You can achieve special effects, a matte look, a glossy look, or a stained wood finish as per your liking.

Separating Wall

Indian homes are known to have multi-functional spaces such as drawing/ dining space, living room/ TV room, and study/office room. Adding a wooden separating wall is a great way to maximize the space. Arch design, panel design, and many other designs are popular in wooden home interior designs.


Wooden lighting fixtures are one of the best addition to any space. It not only adds a perfect balance of warmth and illuminates the space but also makes the area look put together without making much of an effort. You can easily maintain these fixtures by painting them with wooden polish. It adds a protective layer and enhances their look.

You can explore a range of Italian wooden finishes for the wooden furniture, flooring, or interior of the home. We offer high-performance wood finishes that are suitable for application on wooden surfaces. Explore our website to design your home.

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