How to Choose the Right Wood Finish for Your Home

Those who are building a new home are concerned with creating a home with long-term worth. For the majority of us, our home is our most valuable investment, therefore we naturally want our money to be safe. Homeowners who are creating a modern home desire an inventive design that will not look antiquated in just a few years. Exterior wood finishes in this regard are a great option to consider, especially when you want your property to appear elegant and timeless.

The blog post mentions some important factors that can help you decide on the right wood finish for your home. Let’s take a glance at them:

Colour Vs Colourless Wood Finish

There are different types of wood finishes and thus, the first step in selecting a wood treatment is deciding whether you want a coloured or colourless finish. If you prefer your wooden piece to have a gleaming appearance, consider using paint or lacquer as a finish.

However, other people choose to preserve the original beauty of the wood. In this scenario, a colourless finish, like oil or polyurethane, is the answer. Most treatments not only protect the wood’s surface but also improve its colour and character.

What Level of Sheen Do You Prefer?

After deciding whether to use a colourant or a colourless finish, you must decide how much gloss you want. In a nutshell, sheen refers to the amount of light reflected by a coated surface. Most finishing products vary in sheen from matte or satin to semi- and high-gloss. While oils, for example, have a matte or satin sheen, lacquer has a glossy finish.

Resilience and Durability

Different applications of wood necessitate varying degrees of durability and resistance. Exterior wood and floors are susceptible to a great deal of wear and tear. Polyurethane, varnish, paint, and lacquer are excellent surface protectors, and some are even water-resistant.

Generally, artistic pieces or ornamental furniture do not require a high level of protection. Appearance and enhancing the natural beauty of the wood may be more important. Oil and stain (while not strictly being a finish) provide basic protection and pleasing colour.

Application and Drying Time

Various finishes have distinct application methods. Some require multiple coatings (such as oils), while others simply require one coat (for example – lacquer and paint). Some are painted with a cloth or brush, which requires some expertise but can be learned easily. Spraying can be used to apply lacquer and some types of polyurethane. While this is quick and convenient, it does necessitate some training. For untrained sprayers, the extra time required for clean-up may eat the time saved during application.

When selecting your finish, keep the drying time in mind. Some types dry in a matter of hours, while others take several days. Therefore, it is important to ensure the product’s requirements are in line with your available time for application.

When it comes to wood coating and finishes, ICA Pidilite is a renowned name that offers a wide range of products for aesthetic and high-performance wood finishes. To learn more, get in touch with us.

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