Transform Your Home Space with the Best Wood Furniture Designs

Home interior design is a reflection of your personality in which various elements are comprised to match the expectation of your dream home. Fine wood furniture is an impeccable addition to your home, bringing out the best of your interior. Whether you are a fan of ancient tincture or a sophisticated contemporary design, wood is definitely a superior choice. The market is filled with various wooden designs for homes that have the ability to transform your space. These wooden design ideas can be implemented in different areas of the house such as the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and other areas.

In this blog, we have covered different types of wood used in wooden furniture design in detail. Let’s dive deep into it:

Different Types of Wood and Their Uses

Teak Wood Furniture Design

Teak wood is one of the best woods available for home wood design. It is the epitome of sheer elegance. This wood stands the test of time and is known to age beautifully if well-taken care of. Teak wood, also known as saaguan in Hindi, adds richness to the home interiors and exteriors thanks to its natural dark brown colour and grain pattern. Its properties make it a preferred choice as it is anti-pest, fire-resistant, and weather-resistant.

Furthermore, wooden polishes are used to add to the teak wood’s versatility. ICA Pidilite offers an extensive range of coloured wood finishes that brings out the individual character of the wood. You can use ICA Pidilite polishes in the solid or metallic shade as per your home wood design. The polished teak wood design looks equally good on walls, furniture, and wooden accents such as photo frames, showpieces, and vases.

Rosewood Furniture Design

Dark walnut colour furniture, wooden frames, and wall hangings are part of the Indian homes’ interiors saga. Usually, these wooden ornaments and furniture are made of rosewood, also known as Sheesham wood in Hindi. Rosewood is heavily used in wall wooden design ideas in bedrooms, living rooms, and other house spaces. To add to the list, rosewood is the most commonly used material for making musical instruments, cabinets, and crockery as it is designed to last. The natural rosewood colour has a phenomenal blend of dark orange-brown pigments.

You can jazz up your home with rosewood furniture designs that are tinted or coloured to blend in with your interior aesthetics. ICA Pidilite offers Italian wood finishes including clear finishes, coloured finishes, and special effect finishes. So, you have limitless options to encapsulate your personal style and showcase it in your home interior. You can use ICA Pidilite’s Creativa Special Effects to get metal effects, special effects, marble effects, and texture effects to elevate your space.

Satinwood Furniture Design

If you are into glossy effects on wood, satinwood is one of the best choices for your home furnishing and interior. This wood is also known as yellow wood and enjoys a fair share of popularity in the Indian wooden market due to its beautiful grains. It is long-lasting and has an exquisite finish that makes it a desired wood by people with neo-classical taste. This wood not only makes attractive furniture but also great flooring.

Though, satinwood requires regular polishing to keep it glazed up and shining. It is surely an eye-catching choice of wood for the home interior. ICA Pidilite’s Parkea range is one of the best choices for rosewood wooden floor coating that offers high wear and tear resistance, chemical resistance, and anti-yellowing properties. As satinwood has a natural yellow colour, this coating will help in maintaining its authentic look.

Sal Wood Furniture Design

Sal wood is one of the most demanded timber species as it is highly durable and has superb tensile strength. If you have ever noticed images of wood designs of walls, doors, and corridors of the ancient era, it has long wood planks carved to showcase excellent workmanship. Usually, salwood was used for long doors and windows as it attains good length. This wood seamlessly blends with the room’s interior. Furthermore, it has anti-fungal and anti-pest properties due to which it is widely popular. Many Indian homes have antique salwood furniture, doors, windows, and walls that they maintain by polishing to keep them in good condition for a longer time.

Mahogany Wood Furniture Design

Mahogany is yet another marvelous material used in the Indian furniture design space. Many people keep going back to mahogany wood for their furniture as it has superior properties. It is rather interesting to know that mahogany wood is found underwater. It is polished and used in various areas of home interiors such as furniture, flooring, wall paneling, and ceiling. So, the possibility to use mahogany wood is endless for designing your bedroom, living room, kitchen, and other areas of the house. The wood can withstand moisture and decay which makes it fairly long-lasting. ICA Pidilite offers glossy finish wood polish for those who want to retain the natural gloss of mahogany artifacts. You can also explore other ranges to get a specific look for your furniture that is made up of mahogany wood.

The above mentioned woods are the most common ones used in the design space. However, there are several other kinds of wood that can be used as per your taste and liking. The key to maintain any wooden design furniture is to polish or colour them to keep it in good condition throughout the years.


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