What Makes Wood Stains the Right Choice for Home Interiors and Exterior

A well-designed house interior speaks volumes about the quality of materials and finishes used in the project. The use of wood in home projects is very common these days as it is a timeless beauty that is highly durable and elegant. However, wooden interiors and exteriors require proper finishes and polishing to protect them from external conditions and also to add the required aesthetic quotient. Wood stains in this regard are a great option to consider when you want to retain the original look of the wood and accentuate its texture.

Here are the reasons why wood stains are best for your house’s interior and exterior:

Stain Color Options

Wood stains are best to retain the natural grains of the wood and accentuate its overall look. Wooden interiors, exterior and artistic furnishing that require a tinted appearance should be treated with wood stains. The first step is to decide the color of wood stain that you want to go ahead with for your home interior and exterior. You can choose a deep woody color or a vibrant color tint depending upon the aesthetics of your home. ICA Pidilite offers a wide range of colors for wood stains that can be selected as per the project requirement.

Product Characteristics

Wood stains are an excellent choice for wooden furnishing, home interiors and exteriors. Its characteristics make it excellent for use on wooden surfaces. The range of water-based and solvent-based stains for wood allows you to experiment with the look of the interior and exterior space of the home. These quick-drying stains have high covering, are easily applicable, and impart excellent transparency to the surface. The see-through wooden texture beautifies the space and much-needed ruggedness.


The application of wood stains is not very tricky. This finish can be achieved with roller application, and brush application. It’s best to get the coating done by a trained professional to get high-definition wood staining. The product has a quick-drying formula, which is best if you do not have much time in hand to complete your home interiors. It’s important to note that a time gap of at least 30-60 minutes is recommended for the application of subsequent coats.

ICA offers a dedicated range of wood stains – Tinte with a wide range of colors that work best for wood furniture, interiors, and exteriors. It reflects the natural charisma of the wood without hiding its texture and grains. To learn more about wood stains and other Italian wood finishes by ICA, get in touch with us.


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