3 Floors of lavish decor and exquisite comforts

Amit Dodhiawala and his team at Reflect Design Studio bring to life Bella De Mora, a project steeped in grandeur. With a vision to incorporate the owner’s persona, the team designed the three-floored apartment using lavish, glamorous, and thoughtfully functional materials like the ICA Italian wood finishes. With premium craftsmanship, the result was a home embodying the highest standards of interior design.

Amit Dodhiawala

Reflecct Design Studio

The principal architect at Reflecct Design Studio, Amit Dodhiawala, brings his passion and flair for precision to his latest project – Bella De Mora. The apartment is located in a trendy neighbourhood of Surat and encompasses three whole floors. The idea was to capture the client’s personal sense of style while catering to the family’s practical needs.

Using a variety of materials, like glass, wood, marble, metal and PU, every detail of this home is thoughtfully curated, and each floor embodies distinct characteristics. Each storey is planned with luxurious comforts and upscale design elements that complement traditional accents across the home.

There is a distinct segregation that embraces luxury and soothing hues. Despite the clear split, there is a strong dialogue between two understated finishes – micro concrete and Indian teak. This interplay of accents lends another layer of character to the home. Another stellar move by Dodhiawala is the use of different PU colour shades along with ICA’s Acquabella: Water-based finishes. The striking contrast of the wood and dark veneer against white marble embodies sophistication and glamour.

Modern aesthetics and high-end materials stand out on each floor’s diverse and eclectic combinations. Each section of the home features bold designs, elegant accents, and unfettered comforts, all of which make for spaces that are both relaxing and opulent. Amit Dodhiawala and his team have crafted a home that resonates with the owner’s request for something lavish yet designed to enjoy and unwind.

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