A luxurious living experience with ICA wood finishes

A luxurious living experience with ICA wood finishes.

Jugal Soni

JS Designs

Architect Jugal Soni, leading the acclaimed firm JS Designs, is known for his creative acumen and skills. Building on Soni’s already impressive portfolio is a unique 2,800 square foot home showcasing his artistic interior design skills at its best. An epitome of modern architecture interlaced with comforts, sophistication, and state-of-the-art functional features, the property has the undeniable chic style of a modern well-equipped home. Soni masterfully contrasts soft earthy tones with avant-garde fixtures to elevate the feeling of luxury.

The designer has fashioned the upstate home with custom-made bedside tables and cabinetry to bring a new dimension to the space. His contemporary ideas come alive with the use of French windows and unique furniture styles in every room. The refined ambience is created by the use of textured wallpapers, life-sized mirrors, and a plush home theatre room. The use of exquisite ICA wood finishes in PU Gloss and Finezza PU Clear Matt lend a sense of rich elegance.

A fusion of exquisite craftsmanship, redefined richness and contemporary design sensibilities seamlessly abbreviates the essence of the client’s vision. Elevating the ambience with ICA’s Italian Wood Finishes , this residence has been meticulously crafted for those who possess a discerning taste for refined luxury. This endeavour stands as a testament to Soni’s unwavering commitment to excellence, where only the finest elements find their place, culminating in a symphony of refined

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