Experience the Charm of a Modern Neo-Classical Home

Bhavik Shah is an accomplished architect who conceptualized and executed the Crystal 9 project. His flair for creating unique spaces with a sense of personalization makes him a maestro in his field. Shah's seamless incorporation of ICA Italian Wood Finishes adds a refined elegance to the residence.

Bhavik Shah


When Enclosurre’s visionary designer, Bhavik Shah, began work designing a neo-classical abode, his passion created a masterpiece. It brought to life a breathtaking abode in Mumbai that embodies the essence of luxury. The sprawling 4500 sq ft residential project, known as Crystal 9, is an ode to sophisticated living and refined taste.

At the heart of this lavish 5 BHK home lies an artful fusion where Shah has meticulously woven together an array of materials. A mesmerising blend of timeless stone and wood intertwine flawlessly with contemporary elements like Corten steel, brass mesh, and laminated glass. This captivating interplay of materials, along with ICA’s authentic neo-classical finishes, exudes an irresistible sense of eclectic charm.

Shah’s team has also masterfully harnessed natural light, allowing it to dance through the interiors gracefully, enhancing the ambience and evoking a sense of tranquility. The décor creates a delicate balance of comfort and grandeur. Soft earthy shades visually blend into each room, accentuating their welcoming warmth.

To complete his masterpiece, Shah used ICA Italian Wood Finishes to create a home that captivates the senses. Modern accents, a verdant hue, subtle aesthetics and a warm, inviting vibe are the final flourishes that come with ICA’s exclusive and superior finishes.

Shah has worked incessantly to design not just a restful home, but also a truly revitalising space. ICA’ssmooth Italian Wood Finishes with their PU Gloss and Finezza PU Clear Matt product range combine harmoniously with his flawless inventiveness to create a beautiful home.

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