Our coatings for the Blue Lagoon Iceland

Meet the Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland, a hotel in the heart of Iceland which chose our coatings for its highly sophisticated interiors.

It is absolutely impossible to look at the images of the Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland without experiencing an overwhelming desire to be transported to such a dream hotel. Somehow, we are already there with our interior coatings. The design consultancy Design Group Italia, which conceived the Retreat’s interiors, chose our coatings to coat all wooden elements.

Here are some hotel’s images for you to enjoy its atmosphere and the majesty of its surrounding nature. Without any doubt, it’s one of the most fascinating places we have ever seen!


The Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland project: natural environment and architecture

A leaden grey sky covered with thick clouds that occasionally let themselves be crossed by sunlight. An harsh barren landscape with a seamless interplay of moss fields, rocks, lava plains and hills. Vast spaces, natural environment, a solemn sunlight and silence. Welcome to Iceland!

Now imagine a hotel standing out in this surreal landscape, in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by heavenly waters. It looks like an illusion: steam rises from the seawater, which flows from volcanic aquifers located 2,000 meters below ground level. It is rich in silica and minerals and therefore has unique powers: it cleanses, heals, rejuvenates. The seawater surrounds the hotel, crosses its spa centre, and encircles the suites. Welcome to the Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland!

Opened in 2018, the Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland is a place dedicated to health and wellness that encompasses a subterranean spa, a geothermal lagoon, a restaurant that offers traditional Icelandic cuisine, and a 62-suite luxury hotel encircled by the Blue Lagoon’s waters.

The architecture of this ambitious project, where nature and architecture merge together, is by Basalt Architects. The Retreat rises on the lava plain on the south shore of the Blue Lagoon. Its layout and architectural design are integrated with local natural formations and follow the underground lava flow. The lava formations are incorporated into the project and are one of the most fascinating details. The connection between man-made and natural elements, between building and geology, is an extraordinary common thread that dominates the project.

Interior design: timeless sophistication

The interiors of the Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland were designed and created by Basalt Architects and by Milan-based Design Group Italia. We are very proud that an Italian design firm was chosen for this big project and that our coatings are part of it.

The Retreat’s interior design was guided by two main concepts: timelessness and sophistication. The result? Timeless sophistication.
Most of the materials used are natural, with simple textures, shapes and colors, in harmony with the surrounding landscape and intimately related to the earth. Sigurður Thorsteinsson, DGI Chief Creative Officer, had this to say about this interior design project. When asked about the meaning of “timeless sophistication”, he explained:

“It means simple shapes. It means colors that are tone-to-tone. It means high quality in terms of the materials and the finishing. It means extreme attention to detail. But it should also convey a sense of warmth and a reassuring atmosphere. You should feel cocooned.”

Thanks to the Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland, Design Group Italia and Basalt Architects received the 2019 Red Dot award award as “Best of the Best” project for interior design and architecture. The Red Dot Award is one of the most prestigious awards in the world of design. Well, what can we say? We are happy and proud to be part of this great project with our wood coatings!

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