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The ravishing look of a wooden deck and wooden elevation is the most luxurious element that you can add to any project. It completely changes the aesthetic and makes everything look sophisticated and put-together- when in reality, you have just added touch of wood to exterior! The wood finish for the exterior is the premium choice that pays off very well in the future. It imparts hardness, weather resistance, UV resistance, and chemical resistance and has anti-yellowing properties that make it a superior choice for home exterior finishes.

Excellent UV Resistance Excellent UV Resistance
Superior Hardness Superior Hardness
Excellent Flow and Levelling Excellent Flow and Levelling
Quick Drying Quick Drying
Better Weather Resistance Better Weather Resistance
High Wear and Tear Resistance High Wear and Tear Resistance
High Chemical Resistance High Chemical Resistance
Excellent Hardness Excellent Hardness
Anti Yellow Anti Yellow

Wood Finishes for Exterior

ICA Group has developed one of the best water-based and solvent-based polyurethane products that are suitable for the wooden exterior finish. These finishes are marked out to be a perfect blend of aesthetics and durability. Varying levels of matt and gloss finishes also offer you the choice to make your home exterior stand out.

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What is the purpose of wood finish?

The purpose of wood finish is to impart a warm, natural texture to the project’s wooden interior and exterior along with providing protection from external wear and tear. The harsh environment, abrasive use, and chemical exposure can harm wooden surfaces. A wooden finish acts as a protective layer for the wood. ICA high-performing wood finishes have excellent properties that maintain and protect the wooden surface for several years.

What finishes can be applied to wood?

A range of wood finishes can be applied on wooden surfaces that serve aesthetic value as well as act as a protective layer. ICA offers a wide range of wood polishes ranging from the high gloss finish to pure matt finish. You can choose a natural look or stain it to get a rustic look, the possibilities are endless.

What finish is best for exterior painting?

A water-based and solvent-based product from the exterior finish range by ICA Pidilite is best for interior painting.

Which lasts longer exterior paint or stain?

The maintenance and quality of the finish used in the exterior play an important role in its longevity and durability. However, exterior paints have longer durability in general. You can choose from a wide range of paints and stains for your project’s exterior from ICA Pidilite’s range of exterior finishes.

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