Wooden flooring beautifies any space and adds a clean natural finish. It’s currently one of the top flooring trends due to its rich and warm aesthetic appeal. ICA’s Parkea range of products is meant for laying and coating traditional wooden flooring as well as the UV product range for coating of pre-finished for your interior and exterior flooring needs. Our wide range of products has a low environmental impact and has distinctive chemical-physical characteristics such as hardness, chemical resistance, and resistance to abrasion that are suitable for wooden floors. Interior designers and architects can use our wooden floor finishes adding warm neutral tones to the flooring that pairs well with contrasting accents as well as high-definition designs.

Excellent Shine Excellent Shine
Chemical/Physical Resistance Chemical/Physical Resistance
Easy Maintenance Easy Maintenance
Long Durability Long Durability

Wooden Floorings

Wooden floorings are a design choice that never goes out of style. It adds texture, warmth, and cosiness to outdoor and indoor spaces that are perfect to make any house “a home”. However, it is not limited to house projects, offices, showrooms, and commercial places also prefer wooden flooring to give a premium feel to the interiors. Wooden floor coating by ICA is meant for pre-finished flooring as well as laying new wooden flooring in any project. It demonstrates required properties such as strong surface adhesion, hardness, and anti-yellowing properties that are essential for any wooden flooring. Suitable for use on project interiors and exteriors that are subject to high wear and tear and harsh conditions.

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How do I choose a floor finish?

Choosing the right floor finish is an essential design element. It shapes the look of the space and binds the entire design. Some of the important considerations while deciding on the floor finish are floor material, the durability of the finish, solid content, and physical-chemical properties. ICA Pidilite offers wooden flooring finishes that add grace and elegance to any space.

What are the types of floor finishes?

There are a variety of wooden floor finishes on the market including textures, special effects, wood stains, and glossy and matte. You can choose as per your design choice of the project interior. ICA Pidilite offers a wide range of products for wooden floor finishing that you check out on the official website.

What does floor coating do?

Floor coating protects the surface from external conditions and wear and tear. It also imparts special characteristics to the floor that makes it stand out. Wooden floor coating is also added as per the interior design of the project to achieve a special look.

Can you change the finish of the hardwood floors?

Yes, the finish of the hardwood floor can be altered as per your liking and design preference. Choose from a wide range of Italian wood finishes from ICA Pidilite to get a premium wooden flooring finish.

Can same polish be used for interior and exterior wood flooring?

No, we have different product ranges which suits the environment and usage of wood flooring in interior and exterior. We have decking solutions for exterior wood flooring and parquet solutions for for interior wood flooring.

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