A Guide to ICA’s Eco-friendly Wood Polishes for a Sustainable Home

In today’s day and age, adapting to an eco-friendly lifestyle and using environment-friendly products has become a necessity. Most of the products that we use today have eco-friendly alternatives, including wood polishes and colours. This guide explores water-based wood polish colours, their benefits, and how they can upgrade your space in a sustainable manner.

The Green Revolution in Wood Polishing

With the escalating demand for eco-conscious solutions, the rise of environmentally friendly wood polishes has also been prominent. This green revolution signifies a shift in consumer preferences towards sustainability.

We at ICA understand the need for a ‘green’ approach and our consumers’ preferences. Hence, we offer a curated range of water-based polishes which help prevent a range of wood-related problems in an eco-friendly manner. Additionally, these polishes enhance your furniture and contribute towards a sustainable home.

Environmentally Friendly Wood Polish Colours 

Wood polish colours

Choosing wood polish colours that are environmentally friendly is crucial for homeowners seeking vibrant, eco-conscious alternatives. Our water-based formulations not only produce stunning results but are also low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making them a genuinely sustainable choice. 

Acquabella, our flagship product, stands out for offering a spectrum of wood polish colours made of natural ingredients. It offers various home solutions along with different hues without compromising on quality and ensures durable finishes without harmful chemicals or unpleasant odours. Opting for it gives your wood an elegant look, unmissable shine (or matt if you prefer), and protection against abrasions and scratches. It provides comprehensive solutions for both indoor and outdoor wood furniture and fixtures so that you stay worry-free when it comes to your home decor and style.


Benefits of Choosing Environmentally Friendly Wood Polish Colours

Here are a few benefits of choosing wood polish colours that are environmentally friendly – 

  • Eco-friendly – Our water-based finishes are Green Guard certified and come with a low VOC content of only 3-9%, less than the typical 50-70% found in regular solvent-based options. This means you are not just getting a superior finish but also doing your bit for the planet and ensuring cleaner indoor air.
  • Higher Coverage – Acquabella offers an impressive 30% higher coverage than traditional solvent-based finishes. This efficiency not only cuts down on the material needed for your projects but also makes your work smarter and more cost-effective.
  • Smoother Finish – Our water-based finishes redefine smoothness. Thanks to no dry spray, you will see significantly less overspray and dust settling on your surfaces. This means each coat leaves behind nothing but a flawlessly smooth finish, elevating the aesthetic of whatever you are coating.
  • Anti-yellowing Properties: Bid adieu to the dread of yellowing over time with our water-based finishes. They are specially formulated to maintain their pristine, flawless appearance year after year. Rest assured, what you apply today stays true in colour and quality.
  • High Grain Clarity: Our finishes are crafted to highlight the true beauty of the grain, bringing out a raw, rich authenticity in every coated surface. With their high grain clarity, they capture the essence of natural wood, adding depth and character to your spaces.
  • Highly Durable: With remarkable resistance to scratches, stains, and harsh chemicals, our finishes stand the test of time.
  • Healthier Work Environment: Reduced fume emissions create a healthier workplace by minimising unpleasant odour.

Tips for Choosing the Right Eco-Friendly Wood Polish

ICA wood polish colour

Here are a few things to keep in mind when opting for eco-friendly polishes for wood – 

  • Factors to Consider – When selecting an eco-friendly wood polish, consider essential factors such as wooden surfaces, preferred colours, materials used (to ensure that it is truly eco-friendly), level of sheen, etc. 
  • Wood Types and Finishes – Different wood types might require different solutions. Understanding the characteristics of each wood type and wood grain allows homeowners to choose the right product that complements and enhances the natural beauty of the wood.

Towards A Sustainable Home

Embracing ICA’s wood polish colours is not just a choice for aesthetics and safety; it’s a choice for a healthier and sustainable home. By opting for water-based formulations, like Acquabella, homeowners can enjoy the benefits of reduced environmental impact, improved indoor air quality, prevention against wear and tear, and more. With a little effort towards eco-conscious practices, one can make informed choices and foster a greener and healthier future. To learn more about water-based finishes, contact our team of experts.

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