Best Finishes for Your Wooden Furniture

Dealing with wooden furniture is not a tough task as wood is the evergreen material that grace Indian homes for centuries. However, it is important to protect them from external factors and wear and tear by applying a generous top coat or wood finish. Wood finishes are meant to provide protection as well as increase the aesthetic quotient of the wooden surfaces. So, how do you choose the best finish for your wooden furniture? Here are the different types of wooden treatments available on the market. You can utilize this guide to know the best polish for your wooden furniture:

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Clear Finishes

A clear finish is a transparent layer applied on wooden surfaces subject to rough external conditions. This finish is preferred for maintaining sheen on the surface. Clear finishes provide high clarity and durability to wooden surfaces. Using this polish, you can achieve a mirror-like finish, open pore effect, and intensify the color of dark wood or light wood. It is a great option to accentuate the wooden furniture design as it adds a reflexive shiny effect to the wood.

Clear finishes by ICA Pidilite are formaldehyde-free, impart high durability, and have outstanding scratch and stain resistance.

Colored Finishes

Another wooden finish that is ruling the market in the current times is colored finishes. A wide range of shade options ranging from glossy to matte finishes is available on the market. You can choose any shade of your choice and paint the wooden furniture as per your mood board. Many people love to add contrasting colors while others choose a single-tone color that blends in with the design of the space. ICA Pidilite offers more than 2300 shades including solid and metallic colors that will spoil you for choices.

Wood Stain

Wood stains are one of the most used wooden finish used on wooden furniture these days. Interior designers are using wood stains to add a tinte to wooden furniture such as bed designs, sofas, and other furniture that give a vintage yet contemporary look to the space. You can achieve a grainy and textured look by using wooden stains that add a layer of complexity to the design. Using ICA stains ensures that the surface gets an even coating and has high clarity.

Special Effect

You might have seen marble top tables, metal effects on the furniture, or textured wood. All of these effects can be achieved using a wood finish. It is an innovative approach to give a metal-like, pearl-like, or marble-like finish to wood to match with the room’s aesthetics.

You can get any of these looks using a wide selection of Italian wood finishes by ICA Pidilite. High performance and highly aesthetically appealing wood finishes are the forte of ICA Pidilite. To know more, get in touch with us.

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