Elevate Your Home with ICA Wood Finishes

Any house becomes a “home” when you add furniture and appliances to the space. Wood is a very common material used in home interiors that are known to elevate the look of the space. Your bed, sofa, or dining table are most probably made of wood. As wood is a material with excellent durability and high aesthetic value, it pairs well with most interior designs. However, the wood coating is a supremely important touch-up that is required for your wooden furnishing and interiors.

ICA Pidilite offers an extensive range of Italian finish wood paints in diverse shades and effects that can be used to paint doors, windows, furniture, and wooden interior. Speaking of the textured series of ICA, it enables you to retain the rough appearance of the intended material. It allows you to impart effects that reflect unique and opalescent patterns such as mortar effect, cement effect, patina effect, and so on. Let’s check out the effects you can get on wooden interiors with texture finishes:

Corten Steel Effect

The Corten steel effect has a raw and rusty look that suits the industrial mood board. If you like features of iron in your interior then this Italian wood texture is for you. It’s a classy, bold finish that is preferred by many interior designers due to its rich color palette.

Patina Effect

The patina effect has garnered much attention in the interior design space due to its unique elements. Design patterns are created on the surface with the application of a patina to achieve a distressed look. When an interior designer or architect decides on using the patina effect, they aim to get a more rugged look.


If you are looking for versatility in your interior and wooden furnishing then TSBR is the best choice for you. It has anti-scratch properties and high aesthetic value that adds richness and high definition to the pieces. You can get a 150-shade option in this effect.

Malta Wood

Malta wood effect takes inspiration from everyday life, especially the raw concrete look. You can match your imagination using this texture paint on wood to get a very unique characteristic. There are 10-12 shade options in the malta wood effect category to give you plenty of choices.

ICA Pidilite also offers a variety of wood paint and finishes. You can choose as per your preferences.

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  • Coloured Finishes
  • Wood Stains
  • Special Effects
  • Innovations
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  • Floorings

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