How Polyester Polish Transforms Ordinary Wood into Artistic Marvels 

Wooden furnishings carry an enduring charm, emanating warmth and elegance. When it comes to polishing, it goes beyond preservation; it’s about taking it up a notch. Polyester polish on wood furnishings is a game-changer, breathing life into regular wood and transforming it into an artistic marvel. 

Let us explore how polyester goes the extra mile, serving a dual purpose by safeguarding and improving the aesthetics of ordinary wood.

Advantages of Using Polyester Polish

This synthetic finish acts as a protective shield, is versatile as polyester polish can be applied on marble and corian as well, and also enhances wood’s natural beauty. 

The below list highlights the benefits of using polyester polish on wood:

  • Durable Shield – Polyester polish acts as a tough layer, extending the life of wooden surfaces by protecting them from daily wear and tear.
  • Natural Finish- This synthetic finish rejuvenates the inherent appeal of wood, emphasising its natural colours and textures for a classic look.
  • Grain Accentuation – Polyester polish brings out the intricate patterns and grains in the wood, adding depth and character to the appearance of the furniture.
  • Wood Variety Compatibility – Suitable for different wood types, polyester polish adapts to diverse grains, from the bold patterns of oak to the subtle elegance of maple.
  • Weather Resistance – Resistant to moisture and other environmental factors, polyester coating for wood shields its surfaces against damage caused by changing weather conditions.
  • Timeless Appeal – The practical impact of polyester polish ensures that wooden furniture maintains its charm and attractiveness over time.

Artistic Touches with Polyester Polish

The synergy of the factors listed below leads to a functional harmony that brings out the best of polyester-treated wood furniture:

  • Glossy Finish – Adding a glossy polyester finish to the wood furniture enhances its overall visual appeal by adding a lustrous elegance.
  • Emphasis on a Smooth Surface – A smooth surface elevates the textured experience, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of wood furniture treated with polyester polish.
  • Sheen Level Selection – Choosing the right sheen level of polyester-polished furniture is crucial. High levels of sheen add a touch of glamour and visual depth to the surfaces, whereas opting for low levels of sheen imparts a subtle, understated elegance.
  • Artistic Flourish – Adding designs like geometric or vintage patterns to polyester-polished wood offers a personalised touch that turns wooden surfaces into unique expressions of individual style.

ICA Lucido Polyester Finishes offer a lustrous mirror-like and hi-gloss finish to wood furnishings that effortlessly highlights modern design. With a diverse palette of clear, super white, and pigmented finishes, providing over 2300 colour shade variations, this finish is ideal for any woodwork project.

Ordinary Wood Transformation with ICA’s Lucido – Polyester Finishes

Polyester polish emerges as an effective wood finish, reshaping wood furnishings into aesthetic marvels. The benefits of increased durability, revived natural beauty, and accentuated wood grains position it as a must-have for those valuing functionality and visual appeal.

The artistic refinement achievable through glossy finishes, smooth surfaces, and personalised touches further brings polyester-polished wood to a refined level of sophistication. Contact us at ICA Italian Wood Finishes to learn more about polyester coating for wood.

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