Type of Italian Wood Finish: Transparent and Colored Finishes

Wood finishes are used to protect the surface from external factors such as moisture, heat, scratches, and chemicals. Other than this, wood finishes add richness and character to the wooden surfaces by improving their appearance. Different types of wood finishes have different properties and you can choose as per your preference. To start with, wood finishes are distinguished between transparent and colored finishes on the basis of their uses. These wooden finishes have been in trend and incorporated into home and commercial projects in recent years.

In this blog, we have discussed the basic difference between transparent and colored finishes and what type of look you can achieve using these finishes.

Transparent Wooden Finish

A transparent wooden finish, also known as a clear finish is a transparent layer that is added to the wooden surface that acts as a protection against wear and tear, physical and chemical factors. This finish enhances the natural aesthetic of the wooden surface and creates a layer on the top that has high clarity and high durability.

Transparent wood finishes are in trend in home designing as it brings out the natural look of the wood and creates a barrier between the surface and external factors, which keeps the wood in great condition for years to come. The latest trend in wooden flooring, furnishing, and interior have heavy use of transparent finish on light color and dark color wood. It is very easy to get an open pore effect or hi-gloss mirror finish using a transparent wooden finish. So, whether you want to retain the natural grain of the wood or create a long-lasting sheen, this finish is the right choice.

Colored Finish

Another trending wood finish is colored wood finish. Colored wood finish allows you to choose a wide range of solid and metallic color that comes in a variety of shade range for your home design. A metallic wood finish gives a metal look to the wooden surface. Whereas, solid finish suits several mood boards as the color options range from neutral colors to bright pop-up colors.

ICA Pidilite offers more than 2300 shade ranges in colored finishes. Our colored finish range is formaldehyde free and has excellent scratch resistance. So, this wood finish is great to use in interior home design such as living room, kitchen, and bedroom.

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