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Drift into a world of luxurious design at Principal Designer Ankit Vikmani’s recent, Bliss-Runwal Greens project in Mulund, Mumbai. Executed with the help of a stellar team that includes Sweety Nawal, Associate Designer at Bombay Design Studio; they have used their creative instincts and love for refined décor to build a home steeped in style and comfort.

Ankit Vikmani

Bombay Design studio

Principal Designer Ankit Vikmani and Associate Designer Sweety Nawal of Bombay Design Studio led The Bliss – Runwal Greens project in Mumbai’s Mulund neighborhood. The 3.5 BHK home was transformed into a spacious 2.5 BHK to complement the changing needs of millennial owners. Vikmani uses several elements to elevate the home’s look and appeal like marble, ICA Italian Wood Finishes, veneer and brass. Vikmani has curated a space that celebrates culture and design in equal measures.

Using bold hues to complement and offset the light-colored walls and rendering functional niches throughout the space is how Vikmani’s creative persona shines. In its elements of brown and beige, a sense of uniformity engulfs the space. He uses minimal design elements to complement the work-from-home culture, creating a study with ample natural light for optimum productivity.

The home outlay is simple – a mix of patterns, fabrics and layered textures. The result of the Bliss-Runwal Greens project is a thoughtfully designed home with a calming ambiance. Enveloped in attractive natural stone and ICA Italian Wood Finishes of Acrylic PU and Satin Metal, the home is abundant in natural warmth.

A home is about architecture for some, but for Ankit Vikmani, the key to creating stunning spaces goes beyond designs and blueprints. Layering this home with textiles and textures, Vikmani weaves a space of modern life and love.

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