Crafting natural materials into creative aesthetics for a home

Principal architect Manish Choksi of Design Core proudly displays his latest project, Happy Excellencia, at Vesu, Surat, as a true spectacle of interiors. With his team, Choksi uses various materials and textures enhanced with pigmented ICA Italian wood finishes to breathe fresh life into the space.

Manish Choksi

Manish Choksi

Design Core

Architect Manish Choksi of Design Core is known for his love of combining metals with natural materials. His work on the latest Happy Excellencia project proves that when you have the knack to make materials stand out, you will create something extraordinary. A residential apartment with a simple brief – to keep things interesting, allowed Choksi and his team to flex their creative muscles.

Cleverly using wood, veneer, stone, and metal, Choksi creates a captivating blend of functional aesthetics. Grasping the sheen from metal surfaces and muting it with earthen woody hues and glossy marble panels, Choksi creates an air of opulence without overpowering the warmth of the home.

He uses flat metal strips to create sections of privacy between the common living areas and the slightly more intimate dining room. The use of brown veneer with vertical grooves is a refreshing design concept. The use of white marble as a backdrop for the television is just one such highlight. The pristine white sheen draws eyes to the TV, retaining the essence of unmistakable glamour.

Another creative aspect Choksi employs is the vivid play of colours throughout the home. Vibrant splashes of blue and red are used in common areas to create a striking impression. Whether it is the captivating console in the living room or the burst of colour in the dining area, the home is a union of contemporary and modern designs. Bringing each element together are ICA’s Italian pigmented wood finishes in bedroom wardrobe shutters and wall panelling in the living area. Choksi and his team at Design Core achieve a serene, practical, and elegant ambience for the home that truly captures the attention and holds it firmly.

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