Vibrant colours, eclectic styles, and a harmoniously balanced home

Shades of Grey is a project spearheaded by Sumati Aggarwal, the talented powerhouse of Studio Arch.S. With a brief to execute every space with exuberance, she uses her expertise in design to transform the 3Bhk property into a harmoniously vibrant home. Located in the heart of the national capital, Shades of Grey is elegantly conceptualised and masterfully executed.

Sumati Aggarwal

Studio Arc.S

In this luxuriously put together home, each of the 3 bedrooms in the apartment features an identity of its own. Whether through the colour of the walls, furniture, artwork or even mood- defining light fixtures, each space is designed to be comfortable and yet, bold enough to make a
statement. In Delhi NCR’s highly modern landscape, the Shades of Grey project is the very definition of eclectic harmony. Aggarwal and her team pay great attention to detail in the living room to make it the family favourite. The concept incorporates a mix of elements that complement every family member’s unique personality. A dark theme contrasts with a vibrant coloured sofa and a monotone black and white rug pulls the room together as a unified space. The striking chandeliers lends a touch of warm luxury to the room’s overall ambience.

The master bedroom is a collaboration of cool tones and classic minimalism on a macro level. It lends a serene tranquillity to the everyday busy lifestyle of the owners. The use of a monochrome colour palette by Studio Arch.S and the weaving of opulent materials create a sense of contemporary styling with all measures of classic comforts.

A playful vibe for the youngster’s room is woven with designs and colours to let their creative mind explore and enjoy a passion for music. The study corner maximises space and allows the child to remain focused without compromising on the need for style.

Aggarwal uses neutral shades like beige, brown, and green to embrace a mellow, earthy feel. Splashed with mouldings on the bed that complement the colour tones of the parent’s room, a calm sense of appeal is presented and is perfect for the elder mindset. The team at Studio Arch.S uses ICA Italian Wood finishes in PU Pigment Matt and Satin metal to create highlights that go into every facet of the home. They harness the refined aesthetics of luxurious materials to create a home that celebrates comfort with a bespoke sense of style in equal measure.

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