Vogue Furniture and ICA wood coatings

We would like to introduce you to Vogue Furniture, a company specializing in high-quality wood furniture made with ICA coatings.

Vogue Furniture and ICA wood coatings: together we stand the test of time

Today we would like to introduce you a company we are proud to work with: Vogue Furniture – a Michigan-based firm of designers and craftsmen specializing in the manufacture of wood furniture. Its philosophy focuses on three core elements: unique furniture products, attention to detail and highest quality materials. Besides, the finishes used are formulated exclusively with ICA wood coatings.

Vogue Furniture, striving for excellence

Greg founded Vogue Furniture, a company specializing in wood furniture, in 1977. He wanted his products to stand out from the competition due to their artistry and quality. From the first day of business until now, Greg’s expectations has always been met. Today Vogue Furniture is a company that combines the finest traditions of handcraftsmanship with cutting-edge woodworking technologies, and works closely with the best designers and architects from all over the world. Its goal? Striving for excellence. Creating unique, top-quality pieces of furniture, destined to last over time. That’s where our products come into play.

Together to last over time

Vogue Furniture challenged us to improve their products with long lasting finishes, so as to meet its customers’ demanding expectations. Well, we certainly didn’t shy away! Today we are proud to say that ICA coatings are one of the reasons why Vogue Furniture has never let down its customers.

Here’s what Vogue Furniture has to say about us:

“We now use all ICA products and appreciate their flexibility, ease of use, drying time and performance. We developed special insulators and finishes with ICA and our team flew to Italy to work with ICA lab experts. We have tested all the finishes to check their quality”.

Our coatings have passed all the quality tests and the test of time with flying colors.

The success of Vogue Furniture, as well as the success of many companies who work with us, is also ours. It’s our goal. That’s why we like to share stories like this with you.

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