Evolving Eclectism

NCS 2020 Trend#1: This trend combines innovative techniques, used materials and vintage design.

Evolving Eclecticism is a refreshing celebration of environmental consciousness, creating a new type of luxury based on responsibility. Embrace the old and the new to create something extraordinary with materials such as glass, leather, wood and textiles. 

ICA’s range of Evolving Eclecticism blends in perfectly with the principles of design by relying on elements such as balance, rhythm, proportion and scale. Choose rustic reds, lush greens, and sharp blues as top notes, combined with accent colors of light blue and warm beige to experience spectacular results.

Colors in this Mood

Creativa Satin Metal Gold
Creativa Liquid Foil Copper
Creativa Mother of Pearl Green
Finezza PU Color Matt Range
Finezza PU Color Matt Range
Finezza PU Color Matt Range
Creativa Patina Effect
Creativa El Dorado Gold
Creativa Steel Effect Lead
  • Clear Finishes
  • Coloured Finishes
  • Wood Stains
  • Special Effects
  • Innovations
  • Exterior Finishes
  • Floorings

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