Industrial Loft

The area of style emerges with brick walls and a cement floor, but above all textured woods, oxides, and metallic effects.

Industrial Loft encapsulates a warm colour palette that is pleasing to the eye and weaves elegance in any space. A deep palette of textured woods, oxides, and metallic effects lend a sophisticated and sensuous flair to the space. Indirect lighting adds yet another layer of aesthetic complexity, casting a mirage of gradients across the abode.

ICA’s impressive range of modern hues bestows a decorative connotation on surfaces. Choose industrial style colours and effects like satin metal and metropolitan colours for striking the right balance between glamour and spectacle.

Colors in this Mood

Antique armonie color on wood
Creativa Antique Armonie Vine
Satin metal gold
Creativa Antique Satin Metal Bronze
Creativa Antique Satin Metal Lead
Creativa Antique Satin Metal Copper
Antique satin metal steel
Creativa Antique Satin Metal Steel
Eldorado gold color
Creativa Satin Metal Bronze
Metal touch on wood
Aquabella Water-based Natural Touch
Satin metal copper color
Creativa Satin Metal Copper
Satin metal lead color
Creativa TSBR Dark Brown

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