Modern Classic Decor

The interiors are warm and elegant: light bathes the objects making them come alive and enhancing their appeal and create a novel atmosphere in the home.

Modern Classic represents warm and elegant hues that deepen the amalgamation of designs and patterns. These rigorous and passionate colours transfer a fascinating feeling of uniqueness to the space. Rely on using dark colours, especially browns, while other shades such as satin-finish copper, dark wood, mortar, and matching lacquers highlight the luxurious appeal and reflect the neutral colours of the walls. 

ICA’s range of Modern Classic solution features distinctive and personal signs that simulate the trendy modern style. Choose earthy colours, Cement Effect, or Carbonised Effect to instil confidence and lift the spirit of your living space.

Colors in this Mood

Antiche armonie color for wood
Creativa Antique Armonie Barrel
PU Pigment matt
Finezza PU Color S-Matt
Moon effect by ICA Pidilite
Creativa Moon Effect
Antiche armonie
Creativa Antique Armonie Hemp
Corten Effect
Creativa Corten Effect
Satin metal lead
Creativa TSBR Dark Grey
Creativa Antique Armonie Wheatsheaf
Malta wood color ICA Pidilite
Creativa Satin Metal Copper
Creativa Malta Wood Grey

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