A Quick Guide to Rectifying PU Finish Mistakes

Uneven PU (Polyurethane) finishes can manifest as streaks and patches and lead to an overall lack of uniformity. This diminishes the life and the visual appeal of your woodwork. Whether you’ve encountered these imperfections while working on a DIY project or noticed them on your furniture, we have got you covered.

In this article, we will explore the common issues associated with uneven PU matt & gloss finishes, what might cause them, and most importantly, how to rectify these mistakes.

Identifying Mistakes and Rectification Techniques

ICA PU finishes on wood

To rectify PU finish mistakes, it is essential to first identify the specific error, as different mistakes require different corrective measures.

  • Drips, Bubbles, and Brush Marks 

Errors such as drips, bubbles, and brush marks can be resolved through careful sanding and reapplication of the PU polish. ICA’s Finezza PU products, known for their transparency and elasticity, can help achieve a refined and polished look.

  • Uneven or Streaky Finish

An uneven finish detracts from the wood’s natural beauty. Levelling the surface through sanding and applying thin, consistent coats of PU polish can transform a streaky finish into a seamless one. You can also opt for ICA’s range of various gloss levels, from high gloss to dead matt, to suit different aesthetic preferences.

  • Discolouration or Cloudiness

Factors like humidity and incorrect application can cause discolouration or cloudiness. Light sanding to remove the affected area and reapplying the PU finish on the wood using the correct techniques can restore its clarity. ICA’s PU products, formulated with colourless resins, ensure a clear and polished look.

  • Surface Imperfections or Roughness

Surface imperfections and roughness can be smoothened out by diligent sanding and the application of additional PU polish coats. This process ensures a uniform and flawless finish that enhances the wood’s visual appeal.

  • Specialised Corrective Actions

Certain mistakes in applying a PU finish may require specialised corrective actions to achieve a long-lasting and impeccable PU luxury wood finish.

  • Correcting Deep Scratches or Gouges

For deeper damages like scratches or gouges, filling them with wood putty or filler, followed by sanding and refinishing, is essential to restore a seamless surface.

  • Dealing with Excessive Gloss or Shine

ICA PU matt finish

If the finish appears excessively glossy, employ light abrasion techniques to tone down the shine. Alternatively, apply a matt finish to achieve the desired matt PU finish without compromising on durability.

Preventive Measures and Tips

Here are some tips you can follow to achieve a high-end PU finish:

  • Proper Preparation Before Reapplication

To avoid PU polish mistakes, ICA advises proper surface preparation. Clean and sand the surface meticulously, and use the right application tools for a smooth and even finish.

  • Testing a Small Area Before Full Application

Before applying PU polish to the entire surface, conduct a test on a small, inconspicuous area. This will allow you to gauge the compatibility of the polish with the wood and help identify any potential issues.

  • Following the Manufacturer’s Instructions

Always adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions and recommended techniques for PU polish application. This ensures optimal results and prolongs the life of the finish.

Transform Your Wood Surfaces with ICA’s Expertise

Rectifying PU polish mistakes is the key to achieving the perfect PU luxury wood finish for your furniture. Whether you are applying the polish yourself or need to correct any errors in the process, ICA offers extensive support for the best use of exquisite wood finishes. If you would like to learn more about PU finishes on wood, contact us today.

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