Wood Finishes: Expectations vs Reality

Wood finishes are an essential part of enhancing the beauty and longevity of wooden surfaces. They provide protection, add character, and contribute to the overall aesthetics of the wood. Whether you are painting wooden furniture, wooden floors, or any other wooden surface, there are certain expectations when using wood finishes. In this article, we will explore the common expectations associated with wood finishes and delve into the reality of using them. Let’s see how these expectations often meet the challenges of real-world applications.

Colour and Finish

Expectation: Wood finishes just provide protection

People often choose wood finishes just to protect the wood and give it a clean finish. Not many people pay attention to the tints of wood finishes, the types of wood finishes, if or not the wooden item blends with the surrounding and other nuanced aspects

Reality: Wood finishes can upgrade your space with colour, gloss and sheen

In reality, wood finishes are much more than just protectants. Of course, they provide extra protection to wooden furnishings and increase their longevity but when used right, they can add immense character to your home.  For people who like to play around with colours, our product, ‘Tinte’, a range of wood stains, allows room for creativity. With a wide range of stains, Tinte allows you to stain your furniture with any  colour of your liking without concealing the natural charisma of wood or its texture. 

And those aiming for a minimalistic aesthetic can choose Finezza. With a high-quality and polished look, Finezza can amp up your furnishings with just the right amount of gloss or matt. You can choose from hi-gloss options (95%) to dead matt options (5%) according to your liking.

Durability and Longevity

Expectation: Long-Lasting Finish

People expect wood finishes to offer durability and longevity. They desire a finish that can withstand the test of time, resisting wear and tear, environmental factors, and daily usage. These expectations often include a finish that won’t require frequent touch-ups or reapplication. 

Reality: Factors Affecting Durability

The durability of wood finishes is influenced by various factors, including the type of wood, environmental conditions, and the quality of the finish itself. High-quality wood paints, like those from ICA, can provide excellent longevity. Environmental factors like exposure to sunlight, moisture, and temperature fluctuations can impact the finish’s lifespan, nonetheless. So, to enhance durability, it’s essential to choose the right wood finish and apply it correctly.

Application Process

Expectation: Easy Application

Many expect the process of applying wood finishes to be straightforward and hassle-free. They want to complete the application smoothly and without complications. This expectation includes achieving a seamless and uniform finish without imperfections.

Reality: Challenges and Skill Required

In reality, there can be challenges in the application process, especially if you are looking for a flawless finish. Factors like surface preparation, the type of wood, and the choice of tools and techniques can affect the outcome. To address common challenges, consider proper surface preparation, use high-quality wood finishes like Finezza, and follow recommended application methods. Quality is paramount when looking for the best finishes, and products like Finezza are designed to meet those quality standards.


In conclusion, understanding the gap between expectations and reality when it comes to wood finishes is crucial. While we all desire long-lasting durability and easy application, it’s essential to recognise the natural variations in wood, factors affecting durability, and the importance of skill in the application process. Also, choosing high-quality wood finishes and taking the right care of your wood surfaces, can help the sheen last longer and look great.

ICA offers extensive application training support for our entire product range, ensuring that you have the knowledge and skills needed to make the most of our exquisite wood finishes. When working with products like Creativa, Acquabella, and Finezza, appreciate that the genuine beauty of nature’s variations on wood truly shines when the finish is used properly. Selecting quality finishes and realistic expectations yield beautiful, enduring results, embracing wood’s natural character and meeting every need.

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